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Community Health Global Innovations 
September 19, 2011 – WASHINGTON, D.C. - Building upon NACHC’s International Health Center Toolkit: A Beginner’s Guide for Starting CHC Connections Abroad and working towards developing a pipeline of potential recruits for various health center careers, Community HealthCorps and Peace Corps have created a historic initiative called Community Health Global Innovations. From the initiative’s onset in 2009, NACHC has become the first in a series of historical partnerships that various government and non-profit organizations have made with Peace Corps.
The initiative encourages people interested in Peace Corps service to gain practical experience through community health care assignments with NACHC's Community HealthCorps AmeriCorps program, and provides potential employment opportunities for returned Peace Corps Volunteers. The initiative will help train and recruit future Peace Corps Volunteers, and encourage more Americans to seek careers in the community service.  The two organizations will exchange training materials to share best practices in the field of community health both in the U.S. and abroad.
The intent of this initiative is to improve the quality of life for residents in communities throughout the United States and Peace Corps host countries, promote the long-term professional and career development of participants to serve in community health settings, and contribute to more effective volunteer service domestically and abroad.     
Community HealthCorps engages hundreds of AmeriCorps members in service each year to promote health care for America's underserved. Many of these members are pursuing careers in community health in the United States, returning to community health centers as employees after using their education awards to achieve degrees in medicine, nursing, or allied health professions; and/or careers in global health with organizations like World Health Organization (WHO), Doctors without Borders, and the Commission on Smart Global Health. 
Currently, over 1900 Peace Corps Volunteers work in health related projects in 46 countries worldwide. Peace Corps Volunteers work at a grassroots level to promote preventive health education with an emphasis on outreach, awareness and prevention programs. They help expand access to clean water, improve sanitation techniques, and empower local communities to address their health care issues. As Peace Corps celebrates its 50th anniversary, over 8500 volunteers serve in 76 countries to promote world peace and friendship through service to others.

The Community Health Global Innovations initiative might have something to offer you if:
1.     You are interested in a career in public/community health, global/international health and are looking for ways to gain more education and improve your skill sets.
2.     You are considering applying, or have recently applied, to serve with Peace Corps but need to strengthen your candidacy by gaining more experience in public health and community service.
3.     You are a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer looking for opportunities to give back through careers and volunteer opportunities in your own community.
4.     You are currently serving in either Peace Corps or Community HealthCorps and would like to find more creative and innovative ways to impact the community you serve.


Returned Peace Corps Volunteer featured in NACHC's Community Health Forum Magazine! 

"Dr. Hendrikson Honored as 'Champion of Change'"
By Matthew Newman


For Dr. Edward Hendrikson, the approach to sustainable community health is to "...not be selfish of your wants and your needs, but to incorporate your needs and wants into the community." He says further, "And that way, you’ll solve the community’s problems rather than add to them."

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For more information please contact:
Rachelle Thompson
Program Specialist, Community HealthCorps
(202) 525-9067
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